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Like many of you, probably, I'm an "energy sensitive" and have been involved with teaching Usui Reiki and other energy healing processes for quite a few years. I have been following tachyon products online for some years as well. Yours are truly remarkable in respect of the frequency emitted and the overall potency of that emission. Moreover, your prices are unusually reasonable in view of the quality offered. You're providing a true service for those who can appreciate the benefits of "vibrational healing" and related matters... Best Regards.  ~  Joel G.

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Harmful EMF's

Tachyon Living products neutralize the negative effects of harmful electro-magnetic fields (EMF's) that come from:

  • Cell phones, computers, electronic devices, radio waves, microwaves,
  • power lines, transformers, home wiring, fluorescent lighting, radar, line based telephones, electric razors, lamps and hairdryers. 


  • In March 1990, the EPA recommended that EMF's be classified as a Class B carcinogen -- -a "probable human carcinogen and joined the ranks of formaldehyde, DDT, dioxins and PCB's. 

Tachyon Living Products effectively emit an inexhaustible positive Tachyon charge INDEFINITELY as they absorb imbalanced, impure Tachyon energy, and convert it to positive, balanced, harmonized, pure Tachyon energy.
Our products are thoroughly tested and retested to ensure the highest levels available of positive tachyon emittence.  Through our specific tachyon processing technology, we are able to supply you with quality tachyon products at the most economical price online.



We offer a 90 day unconditional money back guarantee...  if for any reason, you are not happy with your products just return them in 90 days and your money will be refunded to you.



Tachyon Living's product line  is tachyonized  to emit  an inexhaustable amount of Tachyon energy....

up to 3 times more than any other brand,  

making our products the strongest on the market.

At Tachyon Living, we provide these powerful products direct to your door with free shipping  at remarkably low prices.  Our desire is  to have Tachyon Living be a part of your every  day experience.   Enjoy accelerated positive health, reduced pain levels, reduced fatigue levels and a wonderful sense of well-being.  


Tachyon Products enhance living by letting our bodies use their natural energy and by eliminating the harmful EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) that repress healing pathways and health.  Tachyon energy also promotes psychic and spiritual enhancement.

Tachyon has been associated with improving:


  • Clarity
  • Increasing psychic ability
  • Assists in vibrational frequency acceleration
  • Helps in clearing and releasing energy blocks
  • Clears the aura field for easier meditation
  • Relaxes the body
  • Assists crystals in amplification
  • Detoxification for acceleration of health
  • Harmonizes Chakra System

Tachyon products neutralize the negative effects of harmful electro-magnetic fields (EMF's). 

Benefits are:


  • Pain and lethargic symptoms decrease
  • Natural healing of the body occurs much faster
  • Organ recovery healing
  • Healing and vitality are assisted
  • Memory and concentration increase
  • Body is assisted in detoxification
  • Energy blocks are released
  • Harmonizes  EMF in the body and aura field