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If you have tried our products and love them and would like to share them with others so they may receive the benefits of Living Tachyon Products...please consider becoming an affiliate.

What is an affiliate?  Affiliate marketing is a way of making money by promoting other’s products or services and earning commissions whenever there is a sale.   As a representative of the Tachyon Living Network you can share your personalized link with others  and reap financial benefits promoting the following ways:

  • Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr.
  • On your personal website as a link 
  • In your personal emails to friends and family, clients or businesses
  • Giving out business cards with your personalized link on them
  • Promoting by mentioning the products through blogs and providing the link.


These are just a few easy ways to share what you love while helping others to find harmony in their own lives and YOU reap the rewards of sharing.

You as an affiliate marketer, you will earn 20%  of the purchase price of any order that leads to our site through your link.  Once you've reached $75 in commissions, you will receive payment through PayPal.  

Affiliate Marketing Products

Options for Business Cards
Phone Number AND Email
Affiliate link for QR Code


Options for Brochure Quantities
Phone Number & Email
Affiliate Link for QR Code

Affiliate or Distributor Brochure with QR Code.

100 for $24.95

Affiliate or Distributor Business Card with QR Code.

250 for $24.95