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​​​"I wanted to thank you guys for the amazing products.  When I received the love source cell I grabbed it with one hand and I started to feel a little light headed. This is strange because I have a strong tolerance to tachyon, I have so much on me all the time. After a while it went away but then I grabbed both of them and I could feel the energy move in a circular pattern like 528 Hz not sure if I feel it move in a circular motion because of the sacred geometry figure you added on the outside.  I honestly think it's one of your strongest and nicest looking products."  Suhail  Rivera ~Esq.  Miami ,Florida

Special Healing Systems with Tachyon

ATLANTEAN ENERGIES:  Atlanteans harnessed the energies carried within the pyramids, using harmonics linked to crystals.  Within these Discs, the powerful healing and rejuvenation crystal frequencies are imbued and amplified by the Tachyon Fields.  These loving, powerful energies hold and contain many activations to the higher frequencies of the 5th Dimension.  


SSR is the term used for the Seichem/Sekkem Egyptian healing Reiki System. It is an ancient system of healing from Egyptian times.   It works not only with the physical body, but also with the aura field and assisting in opening or clearing spiritual pathways to enlightenment.  When paired with Tachyon, these power fields emit a steady stream of pulsing, electrical, warm energies that saturate you body and aura field with the best and highest of healing and positivity.  


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Lemurian  Healing Systems with Tachyon

LEMURIAN ENERGIES:   Connecting you to the healing crystal of Ancient Lemuria, you will be connected to the High Priestesses and Goddess energies of this magical and loving time.  Connect to the remembrance of peaceful living, the Akashic Records and in balancing and attuning the body to it's pure and perfect state of 12 Strand DNA.

​TACHYON: When combined with Tachyon Power, the healing frequencies and energies of the Lemurians are magnified with a field of intention.  Focus on what you'd like to experience in your own healing, and let the energies begin.  

Tachyon Living Power Discs Atlantean and Lemurian Energies


Ancient Atlantean 
Egyptian & ​Lemurian Energies 

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