With a tremendous amount of research and study, Tachyon Living has produced a line of groundbreaking products that are some of our most amazing Tachyon yet!  


We've taken the power of tachyon, using it as a rocket fuel to enhance these lovely

frequencies of healing, transformation and awareness.

Collect one, or all of these Fabulous Frequency Holding Devices:

​1.  Source Love Collection with Tachyon

2.  Special Healing Systems with Tachyon

3. Unique Energies with Tachyon

4.  Atlantean and Lemurian Energies with Tachyon


Tachyon Living

​​​​​​"I wanted to thank you guys for the amazing products.  When I received the love source cell I grabbed it with one hand and I started to feel a little light headed. This is strange because I have a strong tolerance to tachyon, I have so much on me all the time. After a while it went away but then I grabbed both of them and I could feel the energy move in a circular pattern like 528 Hz not sure if I feel it move in a circular motion because of the sacred geometry figure you added on the outside.  I honestly think it's one of your strongest and nicest looking products."  Suhail  Rivera ~Esq.  Miami ,Florida